15. How You Will Make Your Most Beautiful Music

The Space Between the Notes

Dear Frazer,

Often, it is thought that it is the instruments that make the music. They are not enough. It is the silences between the sounds that the instruments make that are required in “order” to create music.

Can you appreciate the silences of life? Is it not the times of reflection, contemplation, and openness – more than that of the noise that you make in your life – that allow space for conviction to rise and new trajectories to be set.

If you are in a life transition or sense that one is coming, do not ignore the spaces between. Life is not interested in your noise without the elements that transform it into music. Allowed silences make the difference from precarious cacophonies of the unrememberable, the unremarkable, or the disposable and that which the world can only come to recognize as greatness, extraordinary, and powerful.

The spaces between are like gravity wherein one attracts all that one may desire. They are the places of gestation for your creative genius and, yes, you have genius just as we all do. The silences allow you to be which is the precursor if you are to become. This is a non-negotiable. Begin today to plan for that place in your garden between the rows, the spaces that are needed for the health of what you are growing. And then demand it from yourself. At the right moment, you will reap the greatest harvest that the garden may yield even if you did less planting.

Yours, The Pilgrim

2 thoughts on “15. How You Will Make Your Most Beautiful Music

  1. We often thought that only the instruments create music, I appreciate the way you observe and credit the silence between the instruments which play a role (important role) in creating the music. As the days fleet without much observations, I personally enjoy the silence space when I make coffee in the mornings I guess that’s the time I am truly silent without any noises and I could observe thoroughly the texture of the coffee and Its smell and feeling free from random thinking.. beautifully written my friend.

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