14. Everything That We Can Be

Dear Frazer,

All of us must become what we CAN be. This may be the whole point of life. Anything that hinders this process in you or in anyone that is on this planet is not helping you. You have the right, the privilege, and possible obligation to ruthlessly turn that around, whether it be people, places, foods, music, books, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, or anything that can influence you at all. You must become as free as possible in who you are and what the transformed you decides to do.

To serve others you must be healed or attempts to help others will harm you! as well as the very people that you try and help. It will just hurt you more. I see this all the time. Typically, an unhealed healer is also a Liar. Liar spelled with a capital “L” means persons who basically act as pass-throughs for lies that are sown into the fabric of their souls. It does not mean someone who intentionally deceives to harm another person. A Liar’s lies are unintentional, but because they are attached to Belief Systems, they are powerful enough to come through you as though on their own – being perceived, however, as your volitional act that you are responsible for. Questioner: “Why did you do that?” You: “I don’t know, I Just did it without thinking.” Know that this is not the Real You. You know you are not a liar.

You know that you are a Liar when lying magically happens in your life. You are literally full of lies (not that you try and deceive others, that is different). They are attached to or manifest in every activity that you are involved in. Your fall back for just about everything that you do is sourced by force, control, and manipulation rather than by power, freedom, and harmony, the combination of which looks like magic to those who cannot “see.”

Do not blame others for your plight. The truth is that the largest hindrances to your transformation are inside of you. You need to accept this if you wish to advance. If it is difficult for you to look within then I can help you to establish practices that will give you the great advantage of having an extremely satisfying appreciation for your Self.

You cannot know who you are and share that with others through what you say and do without inner transformation. The process itself will reveal who you are, what you want, and what is your power. You may not walk in your power in life until the balances inside are tipped in your favor. Welcome to the New Game, wherein the players are those who are fed up and want this change more than anything else and who are more committed to the process of healing than to any other thing. Welcome to the most exciting and rewarding journey of a lifetime.

All of us must begin now to become everything that we can be.
Not what others want us to be.
Not what we think we should be based on what we learned in the world.
What this process entails for you, well, we must first journey within to find out.
I am sure that you will be pleased by the perfection of what you find there.

Until the next time my friend,

The Pilgrim

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