10. Where Your Truth Is Not, and Is, Found

Dear Frazer,

What if “Messiah” meant salvation, which it did, and salvation didn’t mean entry into a religion or a special group but meant having a direct line to God as Father again? And what if Father, rather than a being that is far off, distant and coldly judging, “do this don’t do that” person, what if He were really inside of you, a permanent part of you, your Source, which is what “father” means.

What if it is the job of every pastor, rabbi, or otherwise religious teacher to keep you from attending to the Source within you? What if such a person or figure were to keep talking at you, feeding you information that kept your eyes out on the world and on him, rather than Him? What if this were all a distraction from getting to the real you, which can only be inside of you, where Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is, and where God is said to abide? What evil thing it is, if all of this were true, that these so-called pastors, priests, religious leaders do.

And they will condemn you for attempting to get free.

I can only caution and warn you against their charismatic charms, which I also fell prey to in the youth of my perspective. I blame no one for falling captive, and it may be that where you are in your truth requires it. But do not say that you have not been lovingly warned as one who was tied up in such a tomb.

Did you know that Jesus’ very name, “Yeshua”, means salvation? So then, by everything that he was called as he walked this earth, all names, matronymics, monikers, and brands as we say today, he was to be interpretively perceived as salvation. Therefore, the notion of this, not how man would interpret it, or how people would gravitate towards him because of it, but how God intentionally planted him as such on the earth is what matters the most.

People may have thought that they needed saved from the Romans. They may have thought they needed saved from the oppression of government, such as the tax gatherers. They may have needed save from the evils of their fellow men, the unclean, the sinners such as the prostitutes, lepers, and others that they cast from their temple. What of the despised Samaritans? However, all of these were such as Jesus had to do with, while concurrently condemning those who were supposed to know salvation when it hit them in the face, the rabbis and religious leaders who tried to pry the people away from him.

There was the popular saying in the 1990s, “The truth is out there.” As though it were findable in the ethers of space or something. But what if rather we change it around, as I have come to fully believe, that “the truth is in there?”

The discovery of your truth is often a lonesome road, although it is not lonely. The reason for this is because no one “out there” will tell you what it is. And if they try, flee as fast as you can, because they are not able to do so. Regardless of their intentions, they are liars and hypocrites, poor actors most to be pitied among men, blind guides leading the blind to the certainty of the pit.

Don’t come at your truth from a point of scarcity, as though there’s not enough of it in the universe. Rather, come from certainty of abundance and believe in your heart that, “ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it will be opened to you.” Where will it be opened? “Out there,” somewhere? No! It is not even possible. It is, and always will be, In There.

And it is to there that you and I must go.

All for now. As always I remain your friend and await your reply.


The Pilgrim

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