6. On Royalty

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Dear Frazer,

This morning at my Cathedral my mind was illumined with the richness of an aspect of my identity as God sees me. That is to say I had revelation about the truth of myself. Which means that if it is true of me that it is true of you, too. So, I am compelled to write to you that you may share in this understanding and, if the understanding becomes belief, share also in the glory and power of the nature that God restored to us in Christ Jesus – being beings made in His image and according to His likeness.

As I tromped through the woods I emptied and opened myself to Him, as is my custom. It is important to do this regularly, if not always, in order to hear Him even a little above the noise of the Carnival. Our Father has no coercive bone in his body. He will force no thing upon you, even if it is good. The Carnival is only content when your mind is clouded by its noise, that of the TVs, the Internet, the radio, and all the good people in your life who “know” and will tell you all that long and loudly until your head is spun out of reach of the truth, but who are really simply on the journey of discovery like you and me.

The words that come this morning concerning our identity are these, “royal warrior priest.” We aren’t made to be quivering, cowering, grotesque impostors who try and “nice” people into the kingdom of heaven. We aren’t made to be fellow liars of the masses in the sea of the Carnival for six days a week, until suddenly on Sunday morning, after the heated argument with the spouse and taking the anger out on the children, we arrive at a building where upon entering it we are suddenly transfigured into beings who are so smiley and glowing to the pastor that he would never believe that the other 98% of their lives are a gross sham. He actually believes that Sunday is enough to turn the Carnival up on its end and that his attendees are disciple of Jesus Christ, they who only practice a modicum of a fraction of a particulate of His teachings.

Such a scene decries the possibility of a “royal warrior priest.” An RWP is first and foremost royal, which means that such a person is royalty. But he is not royalty merely in the sense of being a prince and riding in the open carriage waving to the masses who have thronged the streets to catch a glimpse of his glorious visage that, without saying a word, shouts to the world, “I am so much better than you, my lowly peasants.” No, the royalty of the kingdom of heaven turns the “way that seems right to a man” on its end. Many things that are believed as accepted truth in the Carnival are actually the opposite of the reality of heaven. As Jesus said, “The greatest among you shall be your servant,” and, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

To be a RWP royal is to have such authority on earth so as to represent the royal rule of heaven. It is to under gird those who haven’t yet realized the authority of heaven. Such authority comes through training, through being a disciple of Jesus. Authorization to enact heavenly law on earth is impossible when it is not yet written on your heart. Being a Christian who is still full of the wisdom and instruction of the Carnival, which is no wisdom at all and is instruction that the wise will learn to flee from, is a Christian who may indeed be saved but is actually working at cross-purposes with our Lord.

I shall have to get back to you on the rest of its meaning, that of warrior and priest. But until then I pray that you continuously realize His presence with you, every day, and the constancy of His love for you.

All for now, brother. Until next time I remain yours very sincerely,


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