4. Where the secret place of God is

15 June 2019

Dear Frazer,

He doesn’t want us to become anything other than that which we are. Notice I say that which we are, rather than that which we can be. There is a you that He already knows and treats you accordingly. However, how we portray and project ourselves to the world is false – and we’re convinced it’s true. For most of us, there are many layers of deception to work through to get to the actualized truth that is lived through our lives.

There is a you that you haven’t met, yet.

Only He knows who that is, for now.

And herein lies the part of Christianity that depends upon you: that you seek after Him to find out who you are. Hardly anyone talks about this, but God wants us to get close to Him and to stay there. To cling to Him. To listen to Him. To walk with Him. Learn from Him. Be with Him always. He loves you so much that He wants to be with you always.

Think on this:

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91: 1)

It doesn’t say, “He who goes to church,” or, “He who follows such and such a pastor,” or, “He who ministers,” or even, “He who is good.” It says, “He who dwells.” Where you dwell is a sheltered space in which you spend most of your time and is where your life is centered. Everything flows from your dwelling. Your provisions are kept there. You invite loves ones to it. It protects you from harm and keeps you from the elements to which you would be otherwise vulnerable. You want to be there.

Where is the secret place of the Most High? Is it on a mountain in Israel? Inside the temple in Jerusalem? The cathedrals that you haunted in your youth? Who knows that if we found it we could be the wealthiest people on earth, because everyone would want to know where God is!

Jesus knew the secret place of God. He went to the woods and mountains to pray alone to Him, but that was not the secret place. He did that simply to quiet the other voices around Him – and we do well to follow Him in doing so. But He didn’t have to go away from men to access the Father, Jesus remained in constant contact with Him. As He said:

“The kingdom (basileia) of heaven is within you.”

Who knows that we aren’t waiting around to die to get to heaven? Who lives in the understanding that it is already in me? If this is the case, which would be the most amazing news that anyone could ever hear and receive, then why is it that people that know it are nowhere to be found in the masses – millions of Christians – who dwell in the world? Why is the “secret place” kept a secret?

If Jesus is correct, and man, it would be so incredible if He is, then we who claim to be His followers also have this capacity for constant contact with the one whom He said that we share with Him as heavenly Father. Would that not be wonderful? Would that not be good news indeed?

But wait, isn’t that the good news that Jesus brought to us? That the “secret place” of God is restored to us in Him? This business of dwelling and abiding, of which He spoke often, must be quite serious. And we are seriously, and easily, distracted. Do you know that Satan can in no way harm a Christian, but that he works to deceive and distract such a one? Attacks from the enemy of God and of truth are only to lie, to convince you or cause you to remain and abide in that which you are not – which is where we started in this letter.

But, to abide in the shadow of the Almighty – to be safe and sound under the protection of God Himself – requires that we dwell not in the world and think according to its beliefs, but to be baptized in fire of the Spirit of God and into the whole mind of Christ and to abide in it accordingly. Now the secret is out, that the secret place of God is inside of you and you may, should you choose, dwell there always.

This is the will of God and the work of a Christian: to agree with God (repent), destroy the works of the devil (lies), and to plant the seeds of truth in the world that the light of heaven shine forth to other men that they, too, may be restored to Him who loves them and waits for them to draw near.

All for now, brother. Until next time, yours very sincerely,


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